Explore Nairobi National Park As Soon As Possible

The Nairobi National Park was started in 1946, making it the oldest park in East Africa. It is located at the edge of the capital city. When in the park, the city’s skyscrapers could be seen. It is approximately 7 KM from the Nairobi CBD, covering 117 square kilometres of an area on the south of the city. The park is best known as the only park located within a city.

Tourists drive in open-top safari vehicles across the park, watching the spectacular wildlife roaming freely through grassy plains. Animals such as rhinos, giraffes, lions, buffalos, hippos, ostrich, etc., prowl the area. There is also a large range of bird species.

To see these and many other animals, it is best to get a good driver who knows where and when to find the animals. That is, if you are not self-driving through this bush expedition. A good driver will ensure you get there in time and the tour moves as planned so that by the time the sun is hot high up, the vehicle has covered a considerable distance in the park. It’s best to arrive in the park early in the day to see the animals when they are most active.

Additionally, you need a knowledgeable, informative tour guide who will ensure you see everything in this journey through scattered acacia trees.

There are many gates to Nairobi National Park, though the main gate is along Lang’ata Road. If you are looking for a perfect weekend not too far from the city centre, Nairobi National Park is one of the best options.

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