Make Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Your Next Holiday Destination

Make Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Your Next Holiday Destination

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park should make part of your next holiday destinations in Uganda for a chance to see the gorillas up-close in their natural habitat. Established in 1991 to protect the endangered mountain gorillas, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the smallest conservancy in Uganda, covering an area of only 33.7km2. It is located in the southwestern part of Uganda, close to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are over 80 mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

This travel destination may be small, but it is worth exploring. First, a Mgahinga Gorilla National Park tour will also bring you to the three famous, spectacular volcanoes of Mgahinga, Sabinyo and Muhavura. If the weather allows it, from Kisoro you will capture magnificent pictures of the Volcanoes in the Virunga ranges.

Secondly, you get to enjoy an adventurous trek up the volcanic mountain to see the gorillas. Yes, the park is home to several flora and fauna (golden monkeys, birds, giant trees), but the ultimate prize is the mountain gorillas. A guide employed by the national park will accompany you on this humbling journey, together with guards (to keep the trip safe), trackers and your porter (you can get a porter in a local village there). There are also campgrounds where you can pitch your tent and make a bonfire. We are a travel agency that will provide you with all the travel services you need for a trip to explore the Uganda gorillas, including camping gear.

The trackers will be going ahead of you to find the gorillas. Once they are located, you can spend over four hours with these amazing gentle giants, which is the third reason you should take this trip soon.

You better come with good hiking shoes because the terrain can get steep. A hiking stick/pole is also necessary so that you do not slip or slide, if you are unused to climbing hills. It usually drizzles here, so a waterproof overjacket is another plus. Other things to consider include gloves to cover your wrists, leech socks, and a head net. The views you get in return make the walk up very worthwhile.

There are several lodges and hotels around Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.