Kisumu Museum is worth exploring. It right in the centre of Kisumu town, close to the Kisumu-Kericho-Nairobi highway. Therefore, you have no excuse for not visiting this attraction when in Kisumu.

Most information is about Western Kenya: Luo, Kalenjin and Bantu. Kisumu Museum museum came to life in 1980 and is the place to learn more about Luo culture. There are original traditional Luo houses replicas to help you understand how the Luo used to build their homes and houses. You will learn how a typical Luo man designed his homestead if he had several wives.

There are also aquariums with live, healthy fishes from Lake Victoria. There are also animals such as crocodiles, tortoises, and snakes such as the spitting cobra, puff adders, mambas, etc. A remarkable display is of a lion attacking an antelope.

A guide will take you through the main gallery with exciting displays. There is a section with an extensive collection of traditional weapons, farming tools such as hoes, ornaments, etc.

Traditional Luo singers are also on standby to entertain you with old-time songs, beating drums and dancing. You will see weaverbirds on the grounds, also singing and weaving.

On a normal day, school children can be seen entering or leaving the Kisumu Museum in buses. They come to learn more about their history and culture.

Are you planning to discover Kisumu and would like us to make travel arrangements? We have other suggestions about other fascinating sites to visit in Kisumu, apart from the museum.

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