Standing at 5199 meters tall, Mount Kenya is the tallest in Kenya and the second in Africa after Kilimanjaro. On hearing that, you might get discouraged at the prospect of having to climb such a height. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is be patient; do not hurry up.

There are several routes to the top of Mount Kenya, and as your tour agency we will advise on which route to take, depending on how fast you want to get to the top or how much hardship you can endure along the way. You can ascend by one route and descend by another, just to have a taste of both.

There is also more than one summit on Mount Kenya. There are Point Lenana, Nelion and Batian.

Trekking to the top is worth the effort: it is fun and you get fantastic views of wide valleys, lakes, jagged volcanic peaks, and the savannah landscape around the mountain. Then there is abundant wildlife on the mountain. There are elephants everywhere. And did you know there are at least 11 small glaciers still on the peak of Mount Kenya? Did you know that Mount Kenya is a dormant volcano?

We can take charge of your trip to Mount Kenya and back. It begins in Nairobi to Naro Moru or Embu towns after four hours. If you are to use the Chogoria route, then Naro Moru and Embu are the right starting point, though Burguret and Sirimon routes can also be used as starting points.

We will ensure you get a patient, brilliant and knowledgeable tour guide for the trip. You will also need a porter and a good who can prepare tasty meals. We provide camping facilities; you will want that the camp is always set up ready when it is time to rest.

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